Beautiful, Professional and Long Lasting Calgel Nails

Calgel is a more traditional soak-able gel manicure which has an application process most people would be familiar with which is that the product is in a pot and applied with a brush. However to promote adhesion you should always remove the shiny top layer of the natural nail with buffing first.

The removal process is also similar to traditional soak able gels, you should first file the top of the gel to break the seal and then you can remove them the same way you would normal gel nails by soaking them off.

Calgel is a hugely popular type of gel nail as there are many benefits to them that other types of gel nails simply cannot compete with. Firstly calgel is designed for the natural nail, this means that the calgel actively encourages your natural nails to grow whilst keeping them looking beautiful.


Another amazing benefit of calgel is that this special one phase system can be used as a sculpture gel to build shape and lengthen the nail without the need for primers, base gels, finishing or sealer gels. Calgel is also known to be one of the most flexible gel nails available as it is incredibly strong as it acts as a shock absorber for your natural nail which completely removes the risk of chipping or cracking.


So not only does calgel encourage nail growth it stops them chipping or cracking as they grow and lengthen. Calgel also has the ability to infill which will allow you to change your lighter colour to a darker shade without having to soak off. So they are perfect if you are someone who changes there mind easily and want to change your nail colour. You do not need to put up with the same colour until you soak them off.

Calgel allows air and moisture to pass through the layers of the gel so nails do not become dehydrated, flaky or brittle over time. For this reason, no ‘break’ is needed between treatments and one can infill up to three times before requiring a soak off. After fully and safely soaking off, fresh layers of Calgel can be applied without the worry of ruining the natural nail.

Overall calgel is an amazing product that not only makes your nails look beautiful but it also keeps them healthy and growing. If you would like a professional Calgel application then please contact me.

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