Eyebrow, Lip, Arms, Legs and Bikini Waxing

Anywhere there is hair can be waxed, waxing has many benefits compared to shaving which makes it the preferred method by millions of woman and even some men worldwide. I offer a range of waxing services including Eyebrows, Lip, Arm, Legs and Bikini waxing within Clacton, Frinton, Colchester and the surrounding areas.

  • When an area is waxed it will remain smoother longer because the hair has been pulled out from the roots.
  • There will be no cuts caused by the razor.
  • Shaving leaves your skin vulnerable to rashes.
  • Shaving can leave an area feeling rough and not smooth.
  • Waxing is usually almost pain free if done correctly.
  • When an area is waxed this will make the hair grow slower and finer.
  • Waxing is fast, convenient and has to be done less frequently than shaving.

There are two different types of wax depending on what area is being waxed. Warm wax is removed with strips on the legs, arms and men’s chest and back. Hot wax is thicker and is left to build up on the skin to be removed when set, there are no strips involved and this type of wax can be used for all bikini’s, underarm and facial waxing as well as warm wax.

Overall waxing is a brilliant, time saving treatment that will keep you looking beautiful and feeling great.


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