Natural Looking Spray Tans to make you feel Great

We all know what a spray tan is but some of our ideas of how the finished product may look will be wildly different due to certain images in the media.

If you are someone who has never even considered getting a spray tan because you are scared of looking like an orange you are worrying unnecessarily.

I offer professionally done spray tans in Clacton, Colchester and the surrounding areas that will leave your skin with a nice healthy glow, will make you look thinner, boost your confidence and will leave you looking beautifully sun kissed all the time.

You will have to regularly get a spray tan to keep the same look all year long as they only last around a week however to get one it will only take 10-15 minutes.

This may seem like a hassle to some people however when compared to the very real dangers of UV tanning this is a perfect solution as you can keep that great look without the risks of over exposure to harmful UV rays. Especially as one spray tan is the equivalent to around 6 tanning bed sessions.


However if a spray tan still doesn’t appeal to you then there is always a self tan option and the product range I would highly recommend is Xen tan.

This is not like other self tanning products as it is so easy to apply with a tanning mitt as well as having a fresh fragrance, smooth application and even fade which results in a flawless finish every time.

A great benefit of Xen Tan is that it involves a time release ingredient that allows for more DHA to be used which is the active tanning ingredient. So the tan will last longer, look more natural and it will benefit your skin tone more than ever before.

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